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It was snowing the first time Bobby and Dulcie Teesateskie first laid eyes on the tract of land that is today known as their horse farm, Travellers Ridge. That day was in January 1994. One barn near the entrance was the only structure on the site. But Bobby and Dulcie saw the future. Today, they’re living their vision.

Nestled on a beautiful, mountain ridge overlooking scenic valleys in southern Tennessee, Bobby and Dulcie have built a home they share with their sons, two Corgis, a Collie, several cats, and of course, plenty of horses.

The farm is named in honor of Traveller, a gray Arabian gelding, which was especially precious to Dulcie. The spirit of Traveller lives on at the farm to this day.

Travellers Ridge is a result of Dulcie’s design skills and Bobby’s construction skills. After a lot of hard work, and the help of friends, they have built Travellers Ridge from the ground up. You have to see it to believe it. Walking or riding the ridge, you can experience its year-round beauty.

Over the years, the Teesateskie’s have created a refined, destination horse farm.

You’ll find a covered arena, state-of-the-art barn and miles of board fenced lush green pastures.

One special feature at Travellers Ridge is the onsite cabins for a convenient stay. Travellers Ridge has hosted everything from elite training events to weddings.

Bobby, who grew up in Cherokee, in the mountains of western North Carolina, wound up in this part of the country because of his work in the construction industry. Meeting Dulcie kept him here.

“Bobby enjoys the horses but you won't catch him on one,” Dulcie says. “He prefers diesel-fueled horsepower.”

But he obviously plays a key role on the farm. You’re most likely to see him dragging the arena or laughing with the guests in the viewing room.

Dulcie feels fortunate to have grown up on a horse farm and has been surrounded by horses all her life. She continues to show and ride reining horses today.

“I wouldn’t know what to do without horses in my life,” Dulcie says.

Then, there’s her creative side. Dulcie is an award-winning professional graphics designer with more than 20 years of experience. Perhaps you’ve seen her work. She was graphics editor at The Huntsville Times, a top daily newspaper located about 30 miles away in Alabama. Dulcie has also designed ads for major horse publications and continues to be a highly sought-after designer for commercial ads and products.

Her talent is inherited. Her mother, Barbara Cummings, of Chariot Gallery, has sold her fine art for years and is now, naturally, a Travellers Ridge exclusive.

After years of requests to produce unique art products for fellow equestrians, Dulcie decided it was time to blend the family’s love for horses and art into Travellers Ridge. And here you are.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope you enjoy the Travellers Ridge experience as much as we love sharing it with you.

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